Care for Creation

An evening of reflection organised by the Cursillo movement
Friday, 22nd January, 2016 19.45 at the
Auditoire de Calvin (next to Cathedrale Saint Pierre)
“Is ‘care for creation’ an integral part of my Christian life. How?”
“How can ‘care for creation’ be strengthened in spirituality, liturgy and church action?”
Appeals made by other fellow Christians and Church leaders have been heard, such as the encyclical “Laudato si” by Pope Francis. It came at an appropriate time to awaken consciousness. It seems it provided a useful challenge to some world leaders.
With the outcomes of COP21 in December, we thought this subject was one of major importance and should be addressed again. So we have invited Dr Ania Grobicki and Dr. Paul Quedraogo to address us on “Care for our Creation and Climate Change”.
Dr Ania Grobicki has degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town and in Economics from the University of South Africa, together with a PhD in Biotechnology from Imperial College, London. She left Geneva in 2009 to become the Executive Secretary of the Global Water Partnership organization in Stockholm. She recently returned from Sweden to take up the position of Deputy Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention about the conservation and wise use of all wetlands in the world.
Ania has invited one of her colleagues at Ramsar Dr. Paul Ouedraogo who is a committed Roman Catholic from Burkina Faso. He is currently the Senior Adviser for Africa at Ramsar. He brings a wealth of experience not only from research, university work and NGO work in his native country, but also from serving as an adviser in wildlife preservation and environmental governance in other African countries such as Benin, Ghana and Rwanda. He brings an in-depth African scientific perspective on climate change issues.
Both will help us understand better the conclusions and challenges of the COP 21 conference which they both attended in Paris last December.