Error while upgrading to premium

here is the situation and   “I am reaching out to you regarding the chat 33887189” .

The free site “” has been linked to my own site [] for several years. I run the “temoigner” site for that church group.

We have recently decided to make that site independent of my site and to upgrade it to “premium”.
1.  So, in order to do that, I first set up a dummy site for the new owner:
name: was it “Site Title” or maybe “witnesstogether” using a newly-created
gmail address:

2.  With that site, I then transferred the “temoignerensemble.wordpress” free site to the new owner.

3.  Then from within “temoignerensemble.wordpress” I  invited “”  back as an “admin”, thus being able to continue to run the site  for them.

This screenshot from the site of marcomathieumedia shows the result of all that – and all worked fine. (click for media file)

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 17.25.41

Now the error we made:

Instead of upgrading the main site, the person with the credit card upgraded the dummy site. This is now clear as you see from this next screenshot: (and as you can see directly on this site). Unfortunately the person holding the credit card person is not familiar with websites and is not fluent in English – and as I was only on the ‘phone with him, I could not see the errors being made. An upgrade and payment was made, but for the wrong site !

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 17.08.41

So, please help us to change over the payment and upgrade.

We will be eternally grateful to you as always.

Best wishes.