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WELCOME” is the home page.
At the top of the page:
Links to more information about TEAG in several languages
In the middle of this page:
By a single click on the pictures, you obtain access to recent major information, or events to come.
At the bottom of this page:
two communication spots and a menu to select the blog category.

EVENTS” enable you to find videos, photos and texts of the community days of encounter and exchange, by date since 2007.

COMMUNAUTES” then”contacts communautaires” gives access to the list of TEAG communities and contacts. It always needs updating… With your help, we hope to improve the accuracy of this list. The people responsible for each community are encouraged to send their corrections or changes by using the form on line (on the page “communautaires”). If you send these by email, please give all the information that is shown on the form – thank you.

? GUIDE ?” shows an overall plan of the website. It is also active, so you can click on it. On the sub-page you have found this help page.

Info-Communautaires” for the communications of the members or other organisations
TEAG News” is specific information of TEAG
PV TEAG réunions” contains the minutes of meetings, may be protected by a password.
Bien-être & Méditation

This website is for our use – it is a tool to make communication more efficient and fun!
We will be pleased to include all information about the communities in our Blog. Please send these and any documents to be posted on the web, by email to with:

    • –  a short title
    • –  a short summary
    • –  a pdf document attached

Preferably this information should be sent two weeks before the event, and edited ready for publication. We would like to publish this information in three languages, French, English and Spanish if possible. So think about the languages!

We will not stop sending you information by email, but will do so more briefly, referring you to the complete documents on line.
Also, we hope that each member will subscribe by using the small button (at the bottom right on your screen) marked “follow”.


You will be asked to enter an email address where you will receive a short mail each time that fresh news is posted on the website. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you also for your feedback.